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“Day Of Surprises

Travel Far Adventure Hard, LLC

Thank You For Trusting Us With A Full Day of Your Time, You May Have Been Wondering What To Expect Next.

Please Note: Your adventure will consist of several stops and activities throughout the day that will lead your group to clues that you will need to solve in order to get to your next stop. Watch your day unfold for you, no worry of planning where to go next, with an element of surprise. The clues you will solve are designed to add an element of adventure for your family fun filled day! So stay tuned for more information. 

Please Read Carefully:

  1. Your first family clue will be sent to you on 07/18/2023 via message to the number you provided us in the contact form you filled out on our website.

  2. Please reply with “we received our first clue,” once you receive this text. 

  3. Your group may begin decoding your first clue to your first stop. 

  4. Please send a text for every clue you discover with the same message, “we have received our second clue,'' and so forth. This will allow us to assist you with whichever clue you may be on if any difficulties may arise throughout your adventure. 

  5. Once you think your group has decoded any of the clues you will receive throughout the day of 07/19/2023 including your first clue, please send your answer to our number (740-517-8129). As soon as you think you have the answer. 

  6. Your group will receive confirmation and or a text to “Try again.”

  7. If your group has difficulties decoding any of our clues you are allowed to ask for a hint after 30 minutes. 

  8. Throughout your search for all other clues, there will be an envelope with, “Travel Far Adventure Hard, “Day of Surprises”” written on it, opening the clue when your group is ready to start decoding.

  9. Some locations your clue will be hidden more obviously than others.

  10. Feel Free to contact us by any means necessary throughout your “day of surprises” if you have questions, or if we do not reply to you in a timely fashion do not hesitate to call. 

  11. One of your stops, you will be meeting with a tour guide. 

  12. Please bring snacks and water along your journey, although a meal (Lunch) will be provided by us, and some stops may include locations that sell food or drink, it is up to you whether or not you indulge at these locations. Water and snacks are recommended for the purpose of precaution. If you forget to bring anything, do not worry your tour guide will be prepared to assist you.

  13. Bug Spray and sunscreen are recommended. 

  14. Please prepare for an all day adventure, you may take breaks at any point but please stay in touch with your assigned TFAH member. Keep in mind your day is designed so you will have a period of time to use at your discretion, I.e. dinner, rest, ect. before your final stop at dusk, dark. 

  15. You will be driving to several locations throughout your day, so please make sure you have reliable transportation unless otherwise discussed with your TFAH team member. 

  16. Before you begin your group will need to sign our waiver, please look for an email including the waiver within the next few days. 

  17. Finally If You Are Receiving This Message, Your “Day of Surprises” is complete, and we cannot wait for you to visit! Confirm with us that you have read this information thoroughly by sending us a response by email! Please let us know if you have any further questions. You will receive your first clue soon! 

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