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Ron Clark Owner

Ron Clark

Owner and Developer of Travel Far Adventure Hard, LLC. Ron started his career as a tour guide just five years ago In The Hocking Hills. Two years ago graduating from Hocking College majoring and obtaining his degree in Eco-Tourism & Adventure Leadership, his passions for sharing nature with others started looking upward. As his dreams to continue to grow as a tour guide got bigger, he decided to create a space where growing his passions and sharing his love for the outdoors would be a space for others to do the same. His efforts to educate others and help more individuals get outdoors and get in touch with nature has always been his driving motive. He also hopes to inspire others and bring people together through nature. Growing up near The Hocking Hills he would travel and hike there as a kid, eventually this is where he started his tour guide career. He has since moved right in the center of The Hocking Hills, where with Travel Far Adventure Hard, wishes to bringing others in and share the beautiful views and history that The Hocking Hills has to offer with others.  

Aidan Clark: Tour Guide

I enjoy sharing with those I take on tour fun and enjoyable places to hike in the Hocking Hills that others may not frequent. Recently I've started expanding my guided tour discussions around the beautiful rock structures, and waterfalls found in the area. I enjoy collecting fossils and rocks in my free time, and studying the different types of rocks and fossils found in the area. This hobby and passion is something I hope to share with others through my guided tours with Travel Far Adventure Hard.


Growing up around nature has turned out to be very beneficial for me in the tourism industry, it's led me to becoming a tour guide with a love for nature, hiking, and everything outdoors. I spent three seasons during my youth in Canada developing leadership skills which has allowed me to harness my passions for teaching others about nature over the years. After graduating, I became a guide in the Hocking Hills. Now, with three years of experience, I have developed a strong set of skills and a proven track record of success with leading others. I have met many great people and have always strived to making everyone's experience an amazing one. I also grew up in the Hocking Hills hiking the State Park leading me to be able to navigate others through these trails with ease, knowing them like the back of my hand. I strive to  become more knowledgable in eco-tourism and enjoy sharing with others interesting facts about the area through my tours. My favorite past time is hiking and sitting in nature, observing, whilst listening to the beauty that surrounds me. I love connecting with others and sharing the beauty that the Hocking Hills has to offer. 

To request me as your guide please provide my name during the booking process! or through email

Aiden Bio

Marketing: Olivia Hanson

Hailing from the corn fields of Indiana, Olivia has spent her time exploring the world of commercial photography and marketing. Having went to school for Mechanical Engineering, she quickly shifted her gaze to the more creative side of life and picked up a camera, an act that blossomed into a career capturing the beauty behind man, woman, and business. With her analytical mind and creative eye, she keeps ahead of the game, pushing the envelope and bringing a new perspective to reputation management and outreach.

To request to speak with Olivia regarding any marketing and outreach with Travel Far Adventure Hard email If your wish to make a personal booking for any of our services through Olivia please provide her name during the booking process! 

Olivia Marketing

Tour Guide: Bruce Underwood

Bruce is a passionate member of the outdoor lifestyle, with a wisdom for the great outdoors and an experienced goer of the area. Bruce could be your next tour guide in the Hocking Hills and has a few words for those who are looking for someone like him to lead them through their next Hocking Hills adventure with Travel Far Adventure Hard: 


"I am constantly drawn to the outdoors and love sharing my passion for the forest, streams, and animals of south eat Ohio. As a lifelong, 5th generation resident of the Hocking Hills, I grew up free range in the woods hiking, camping, hunting, biking, and exploring. I have a background in biology and environmental science. I also enjoy kayaking, amateur radio, brewing, and making maple syrup on a wood stove." 

To request me as your guide please provide my name during the booking process! or through email

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