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About Travel Far Adventure Hard

Travel Far Adventure Hard will provide you with unique personable travel planning, tour guide services, unique Hocking Hills experiences, and advice for your next dream adventure. We are experienced travel experts and professional tour guides. Our main priority is being dedicated to you by providing low rates and helping clients secure the best travel deals according to their specified dreams. Dreaming of a getaway? We will be happy to make the arrangements for you. What sets TFAH apart from the rest is our experience in the tourism industry. We are centralized right in the heart of Ohio's largest tourist attraction locations. In the Hocking Hills. We will gladly provide you with our company guided tours when you plan your next trip to the Hocking Hills. Just get in touch!

We differ from other travel companies that create itineraries or provide guided tours. Our guided tours are personalized per tour, and per group. We derived a unique set of questions that we ask all of our customers after booking. These questions are to help us form the perfect tour, prior to your arrival. If you've ever experienced guided tours before, you will quickly realize our tours are not scripted. We strive to provide you with interpretive interactions that will leaving you with a new appreciation for our professionals in the outdoor industry with a new understanding of nature and history while you visit.

With our trip planners, and itinerary process, we don't create a budget for you, you create your own budget and we report straight to you with our specialized services. Your only job is booking a service that appeals to your basic needs (provided in our service descriptions found under our services tab). Our mission is to provide you with personable members that represent our company, our members are passionate about making your next adventure come true. With our special designed questionnaire we will get to know what itinerary to make just for you. All of our services give unlimited access to an agent that wants to connect with you to ensure you are met with exceptional service. Our packages give you access to an agent that will answer questions along your travels and give you any advice along the way. We are committed to giving you 24/7 customer service care. Our services are designed to work along side with travelers needing someone to do the planning work for them while we ensure things run smoothly for you. Whether you are traveling alone or with others, we will provide you with your itinerary pack that includes a list of everything you will need for your trip, and knowledgable access to the experience of a lifetime. Book with us today, don't fault for the typical travel company. Feel free to ask questions. We hope your experience with us will keep you coming back for more!

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