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Our Services

  • A fully planned Hocking Hills itinerary with guided tours.

    222 US dollars
  • Let Your Day Unravel With Surprise! +Featured Add On: High Rock Escap...

    160 US dollars
  • Are you looking to discover the best of the Hocking Hills with a guide...

    80 US dollars
  • Do you want a tour of the Town? Food tours, Coffee Tours, or Attractio...

    80 US dollars
  • Hands on Nature Education, Activities & Art.

    Offered Daily

    Price Varies
  • A comprehensive itinerary for your next adventure.

    Starting at $60.00
  • Looking for something a little more budget friendly? Make an appointme...

    50 US dollars
  • Allow us to create the perfect trip plan for you and your partner.

    80 US dollars
  • Are you are looking for a get away involving some winter adventure?

    60 US dollars
  • Are you looking for a vacation full of adventure?

    Starting at $50
  • A safe family friendly plan for you and your families next vacation.

    Starting at $99

Guided Tours, Itineraries, and More 

Please read the descriptions of all of our services to find your best next adventure. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE DONE ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE. WE DO NOT ACCEPT IN PERSON BOOKINGS AT THIS TIME. Once you get to the booking process, please pick a date you would like a TFAH member to be in contact to discuss your needs. After your booking is complete you will get confirmation that we received your information to confirm the date you booked with our team member. We designed members to connect with you to have a more personable experience as we create your trip plan. If you would like no contact with our members and would like a contact free service(this includes no sessions), please send us an email and fill out the "contact me" section at the bottom of our home page. Specify in the comment sections what kind of services you are looking for (we do offer other itinerary options for you, i.e. pre planned itinerary) and we will be in touch after we receive your information. 

Tour The Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills has several scenic locations and attractions to consider and choose from for you next Travel Far Adventure Hard guided tour. Here are just a few you might want to discuss when we pair you with a TFAH member!


Rock House 

Rock House Guided Tour, easy to moderate fit for families or animals!


Ash Cave 

Ash Cave Guided Tour is two parts, handicap assessable to easy! Featuring waterfalls and rock outcroppings!


Whispering Caves

Whispering Cave Guided Tour, moderate to difficult for the adventurers soul! Featuring Hocking Hills first suspension bridge!


Rock Bridge Nature Preserve

Rockbridge Nature Preserve Tour is moderate with no pet policies. It is the second largest Rock Bridge formation on Ohio's side of the Mississippi River

cedar falls.jpg

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Guided Tour is fit for all skill levels assessable all year round!

old mans.JPG

Old Mans Cave

Old Man's Cave Guided Tour is fit for all skill levels with easy assess to the visitors center and more! Waterfalls and gorges galore! 

rose lake.JPG

Rose Lake

Rose Lake Guided Tour, moderate to hard with lots of views along the way! Connected from several other scenic trails!

Big Springs_edited.jpg

Big Springs Hallow

Big Springs Hallow Guided Tour, easy featuring large rock formations, old growth forests, and Hocking Hills largest waterfall!


Conkles Hallow

Conkles Hallow Guided Tour has two parts, moderate to hard with no pets policy!

whispering or cantwell_edited.jpg

Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs Guided Tour, easy to moderate! Most skill levels welcomed! Featuring man rock formations and outcroppings with views!


Lake Logan at Sunset

Lake Logan Sunset Tour is welcoming to all skill levels, accessibility, and animals! Watch the best sunset with a lake view!

sheep dip.jpg

Travel Far Adventure Hard Exclusive Tour

A well kept hidden gem. This guided nature preserve tour emphasizes LNT principals, inquire about our tours for more information on this exclusive location.  

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