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Policy of 

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy 


Read intently the information provided within this policy. In reference to; “you,” “you’re,” or “your” is you. And in references to; “we,” “us,” or “our” is Travel Far Adventure Hard (the company and website providing services). And in reference to; “site” or “company” it is “”


This policy is for your understanding of how we process your payments upon check out process, and how refunds and cancellations are handled after your payment is processed. 


This Website is operated and owned by Travel Far Adventure Hard admins and creators:

Roni Clark

Lucy Leffler 

Reached by email: 0r 

Or phone: 7405178129 or 7106037731 


The Site and the Service are not directed to anyone under the age of 18. The Site does not knowingly collect or attempt to obtain information from anyone under the age of 18. The Site does not knowingly permit or allow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up for Service.  If we suspect that personal information from anyone under the age of 18 without the consent of a parent or guardian, we will immediately eliminate or delete the information. If you believe we have collected such information, please contact us at


Your Service fee is a one time payment unless otherwise stated in the service’s description of your selected plan. This one time fee is in reference to each individual service plan that is processed upon booking a service and during check out. Your fee will be processed at the time of check out and a description of your services are provided. Please read the policy provided at the bottom of the check out page in reference to this policy seen at the end of each check out. When purchasing one or more of our services you are agreeing to read, understand and agree to the terms. You are also agreeing to any fees that may be included at the time of check out, i.e. taxe fees or any other serviceable fees that may be present at that time. 


It states that the service fee is nonrefundable once we begin your first session. This is a one time payment that allows you access to live or remote sessions with a team member that will interact with you throughout the development of your itinerary (unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, this is standard for our bookings and services). These sessions will create a baseline understanding of your interests and will allow you to work closely with your trip planner so that you are sure we are meeting your needs (these sessions are unlimited until your itinerary is complete unless otherwise stated in the service description). This fee is the base rate of your itinerary with the service you chose, including sessions. Your itinerary will be completed by a deadline agreed upon by you and us. (THIS fee does not include expenses that are included in your travel itinerary. Ex: Lodging, food. these are all things discussed in our sessions when creating your budget).


You are entitled to a full refund ONLY if you choose to cancel your service plan ten days prior to your first session. Once you choose your session date changes may only be made if discussed with our admins. Changes must be made by contacting us at or These changes will be confirmed or denied via email with you and documented in our files and saved in our booking notes for policy purposes. Changes and rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours before your first session to still receive our services. If changes are attempted to be made after the 48 hour policy, we are not obligated to approve those changes or provide you with services. We operate rain or shine. Unsafe weather is dependent on the discretion of our admin. 

If you attempt to cancel your services to receive a refund after the ten day cancellation policy you will not be provided a refund.


We provide important information on our Site page that includes directions about our services and confirmation of your payments which is located at the bottom of our “Online Booking” page, when you are selecting one or more of our services. This information states:


Please Note: “Please read the descriptions of all of our services to find your best next adventure. Once you get to the booking process, please pick a date you would like a TFAH member to be in contact to discuss your needs. After your booking is complete you will get confirmation that we received your information to confirm the date you booked with our team member. We designed members to connect with you to have a more personable experience as we create your trip plan. If you would like no contact with our members and would like a contact free service(this includes no sessions), please send us an email and fill out the "contact me" section at the bottom/top of our home page. Specify in the comment sections what kind of services you are looking for (we do offer other itinerary options for you, i.e. pre planned itinerary) and we will be in touch after we receive your information.” 


Under law in the state of Ohio, we are not obligated to obtain an agency license in order to provide you services, at any time that this may change we will obtain proper licensing and are obligated to change this policy. Under law we are a business that provides services in travel, if by law that we operate out of any other state that requires such licensing to be acquired we are obligated to obtain, and change this policy. 


If you choose to utilize our blog page or any page that allows you to upload any files to our page, including audio, video, or photos, you are agreeing to having all necessary licensing to do so, and you are allowing the public to view such content by using our public pages to share such content. With your access to certain public communities using our site you may opt out of using your account at any time. This includes if any content places damage to our webpage. With this you are allowing us to suspend or terminate your account with us if any damage to our webpage is present from your account or any user associated with your account. With your use or inability to use  the site you are then giving us the right to indemnification.We are not held accountable if any third party dispute causes expenses to you or your account in connection to the use of services or the website or fines associated with our website. 


As a user of our website you are not permitted to use, sell, publish, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, adapt, or reform any aspect or our website, Including, software, videos, paragraphs, copyrights, service marks, logos, trademarks, anything such as stated and included in this policy are not permitted to be used for your own benefit and are only property of ownership to 


With the use of our services and website you are allowing us permission with the use of your contact information to on occasion send you promotional information or messages via, email, phone, or text messaging. Please notify us at any time if you choose to discontinue receiving this type of material. 


We are entitled to making changes to these policies at any time. With changes you are still agreeing to any terms and conditions and policies of change. These terms and policies are entitled to change, termination, or cancellation in reference to all services without liability. We may make limitations without notice to our services at any time without explanation.


Last updated, July 27, 2023. 


Roni Clark, Travel Far Adventure Hard owner, 7405178129

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